At Certified Prosthetics & Orthopedics, we help amputees return to their daily lives. Rehabilitation goals are crucial for every patient. We ensure success by working as a team with the physician, physical therapists and social workers and we work closely with the needs of each patient. Our patients have peace of mind knowing that we will make sure the fit, function and comfort of a prosthesis is to his or her satisfaction.

Cad-Cam technology, exclusive to the BC Interior, ensures a custom fit that is superior to conventional methods. We have assisted thousands of patients and we are experienced with a variety of scenarios. That is why we encourage our patients to actively participate in all phases of design and fitting so their individual needs are met.

The prosthetic patients of Certified Prosthetics & Orthopedics are pleased with how easy their prostheses are to use, and that they can participate in more activities than they ever had imagined.