Our Mission

Using the latest technology, procedures and products, it is our mission at Certified Prosthetics & Orthopedics to provide patients with the best prosthetic care and products available. We also believe that this technology must be coupled with equal parts patience, compassion and understanding so that our patients can live full, comfortable, productive and confident lives.


At Certified Prosthetics & Orthopedics, we help amputees return to their daily lives. Rehabilitation goals are crucial for every patient. We ensure success by working as a team with the physician, physical therapists and social workers and we work closely with the needs of each patient. Our patients have peace of mind knowing that we will make sure the fit, function and comfort of a prosthesis is to his or her satisfaction.

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Certified Prosthetics and Orthopedics ensures that if you need anything — from a knee brace, spinal orthosis, soft goods or other sports medicine products — you will be happy with the results. We also use custom braces for our patients wanting an alternate to surgery, or for patients following surgical procedures. We also offer prescription custom foot orthotics.

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Certified Prosthetics is pleased to offer a complete line of mastectomy bras, breast forms and accessories. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitter will introduce you to a wide variety of products designed to allow women who have had mastectomy surgery to return to their busy activities with confidence.

We can address your questions and concerns about choosing a breast form and can assist with selecting the best possible form to suit body shape, surgery type and lifestyle. Even if you are considering reconstruction at a later time, it is very important to wear a weighted form to restore the body's natural balance. In addition to offering everyday bras and forms, we also offer forms and bras that are suitable for exercise, swimming and other leisure activities.

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Children's Services

Certified Prosthetics and Orthotics offers specialized Pediatric Orthotic Clinics, working with patients from infant to up to age 18. The program encompasses a full-range of services including specialty orthesis for chronic conditions and diseases such as Cerebral Palsy. Certified Prosthetics and Orthotics services that address each child’s individual needs from infancy through adulthood.

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Fabrication & Fitting

When you are ready for your first prosthesis or require a new prosthesis, we will evaluate your current condition and assess what it is that you need in order to fully regain your life, you independence, and meet any goals you have set. We offer a wide selection of prosthetic components ranging from time proven industry standards to the newest cutting edge technology. Whatever your need we have the experience and technology to provide your with a prosthesis that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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